Sunday, June 29, 2008

Financial Services Mystery Shopping

My first mystery shop review of a banking institution was an assignment from ath Power. It was a phone shop. I was excited to be able to perform a shop that did not even require me leaving my house. If you get the chance to do phone shops - take them. They are very easy to perform. Most phone shops have you dial a toll free telephone number that is then redirected to the company you are shopping. The call is then recorded. After you complete the call you can replay it to review call details when you are completing the questionnaire.
Since those first shops I have also done shops at bank locations for ath Power. Some were evaluations of teller transactions while others required meeting with a financial services representative.

ath Power (pronounced eighth) is a full service marketing research firm providing research to banking and financial institutions. ath Power is recognized as the leading mystery shopping firm for the financial services industry.

To apply to become a mystery shopper for ath Power is FREE. Click here for the application

ath Power has easy to complete questionnaires and pays via check.


Kelita said...

you have a very helpful blog! Love learning more about the mystery shopper opportunities!

neverforgotten said...

I have completed 9 shops for this company and should have received a check by now. I still have not received a check. I emailed 3 people from the company and only 2 responded back to me stating my check should be in the mail by the end of the week and it wasn't. I followed up with them again to let them know I didn't get my check. Now, they have not responded. I will NOT be doing anymore shops for them. BEWARE!!!

Mystery Shopping said...

yeah this is a really helpful blog thanks for your post! Also, thank you for your posts about the rest of the mystery shopping companies!