Saturday, June 21, 2008

FREE Fine Dining for TWO!!!

Attention Foodies and Food Critics! Sometimes mystery shopping doesn't pay but it reimburses you in exchange for your review. I found a great company that offers reimbursement for restaurant reviews. Imaging, you get to go out on the town, have a great meal (usually with a friend) and then after your review is received and approved you get reimbursed 100% for the meal you got to enjoy.

As with any real mystery shopping company it is FREE to sign up to become a shopper with A Closer Look.

Some things you should know:

  • A Closer Look serves hospitality providers, retailers and service related industries.

  • They only allow you to perform one shop per month for them.

  • They pay you on the 3rd Friday of following calendar month via check.

If you are curious as to what kind of reimbursement you get here is a sample of what was required to purchase for a recent shop I performed.

DINNER (w/Bar Visit):
At least ONE alcoholic beverage AT THE BAR
2 beverages of your choice
Share 1 appetizer
2 DIFFERENT entrees
Share 1 dessert
*NOTE: You are welcome to order other items if desired.

Not too shabby, right? They also reimbursed up to 15% for the tip!

Since I am a single mom sometimes it is hard to to afford eating out but now I know that at least once a month I can take out a friend and enjoy a great meal it really gives me something to look forward to. Writing the review seems like a great exchange and it is so easy to do as long as you read all the shop guidelines and follow them to the letter.

Bon Appetit!


Traci said...

Hi, I just recently quit my job and was looking for a way to stay home. I have been looking at work at home sites and mystery shopping sites, but I didn't know who I could and couldn't trust. I just want to thank you for putting up this blog and helping people like me. Thank you.

Mags said...

Traci - You are very welcome. I understand where you are coming from because I was in the same boat myself when I started out. Please post any questions or success stories you have after you start shopping for these companies. I want to be sure to post things like that here so others can see and learn from them. Take Care and good luck!

Anonymous said...

It is easy to find mystery shopping companies not running scams. Just go to the FTC website or the BBB and look up mystery shopping companies.