Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grocery Store Mystery Shopping Saves You Money

Sinclair Customer Metrics is the next secret shopper company that I want to tell everyone about. There are few reasons why I like doing mystery shops for Sinclair.

First of all when there are shops in my area that I am qualified to do but I have not had time to go to the website to find them, their system emails me a link to available shops. I click on it and it shows me the list. This is a nice time saver.

The second reason that I like mystery shops for Sinclair is the types of shops I can expect they will have on a regular basis. I can almost always get a shop that is for a local grocery store (Albertson's and Save-A-Lot usually) and with that shop I can kill two birds with one stone. I can do my shopping and get paid while I am doing it. Plus I am only using gas to make one trip - another savings. And when you do your taxes that mileage is a business expene.

A good tip for anyone doing a grocery store shop is to use your grocery store list as a place to jot down fast notes. Name tags and descriptions can start to blend together when you are first starting. Especially if you have to visit five different departments and have five interactions with different employees. That is typical in a grocery store shop. You normally will have to go to the produce, deli, bakery, seafood and customer service department. In addition you still have to check out and that means reviewing the cashier and grocery bagger. So far, that is 7 people you will have to commit name and descriptions to memory. If you interact with each one in their own department and then browse the store while shopping you can easily jot down notes on your shopping list and no one will be the wise. Grocery stores are the one kind of shop where you can get away with this because it is part of normal grocery shopper behavior to carry a list and a pen.
They pay by check and I have always been paid on time by Sinclair.
To sign up to be a shopper it is FREE.
After you sign up you will need to review the briefing modules for each kind of shop you want to be considered to perform and take a certification test. It takes a little time but it is worth it. Other shops I have done for Sinclair have included Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and Auntie Annie's.


lele said...


thank for blogging about mystery shopper..i tried to apply for some of these companies..but i noticed that they ask for 'ssn'....i am very protective of my ssn as so are millions of do u feel about that


Mystery Shopping said...

Margarett I like your blog but mostly I like your bio. Thanks for the posts about all the different mystery shopping companies and what they have to offer. Thanks!

Hymnsinger said...

Margarett, I love your blog, but mentioning the MSC and the client in the same space is a violation of your non-disclosure contract with the MSC. If they catch it, you will likely never shop for them again. They can also have you legally prosecuted for the disclosure.

Lele, (even though it's been 6 years!) it is standard practice for MSC's to ask for your SSN. All shoppers are Independent Contractors and the MSC must send 1099's to their shoppers. Must have the SSN to do that. MSC's are very careful with your personal info and must protect it by law. As long as it's a bona fide MSC, you have nothing to worry about. To learn more about each MSC, register with and become part of the community!

Happy shopping!!