Monday, June 16, 2008

Suddenly I was Making Money Mystery Shopping!

The next company that I signed up to be a mystery shopper with had higher pay outs! I was excited. Quickly I realized why the compensation offered was higher than my first retail shops.

My first assignment was evaluating a custom home builder and their sales staff. My "shop" or visit to the community was about an hour long. Upon returning home, I found that I spent a good ninety minutes writing up the comments for my review.

Why did it take so long? The shopping company had specific guidelines that had to be followed to have your review accepted and approved. If your review was well written and did not have to be sent back for further editing or clarification they offered to pay a bonus in addition to the fee for the shop. Also, they rate each shopper based on how well your reviews are written (they add all of them up for a cumulative score) and I wanted to be sure to get the highest rank I could. I tended to overwrite my comments at first in a word document. Then I would have to edit and pair down my comments to fit into the allowed word count when cutting and pasting them into the online portal for the shopping company.

Well, it paid off. I had performed two of these shops and was awarded the full amount plus the additional bonus offered. I made $100 for 4-1/2 hours of my time. That averages out to $22.22 per hour. Not bad for an afternoon!

So who was the shopping company? About Face - The World's Premier Mystery Shopping Company. Sign up to become a shopper today. It's FREE!

About Face has high expectations of it's shoppers. You must support all of your comments and observations with facts. In order to be a successful shopper for About Face you must pay prepare for your shops thoroughly and pay attention to detail. I have done shops for this company that paid in the range of $25 - $45 per shop. However, I had to work hard to earn that money. As I said earlier, your reviews must be detailed, fact based and well written. Always spell and grammar check your reviews before submitting them on the portal. If a review gets kicked back to you to edit it reduces your payout and your shopper score.

I have always paid on time from About Face and I opt to receive my check from them in the mail. They do offer a pay pal payment option if you don't have time to wait for a paper check.


wglaze1975 said...

I have a question. Is it normal for a company to send you a check for over $3000, request you cash it, and then wire the remaining money, minus fee through western union? This sounds fishy to me. How does a reliable mystery shopper company actually operate?

Brandy said...

No, that is not normal! It is a SCAM that can possibly land you in jail! What happens is you cash the check at your bank and the immediately send the money via Western Union. Well, they receive the money in minutes. Then a few days later you will find that the $3000 check you cashed has been returned because it's no good. So, Be careful! If you get something like that, go straight to the police! DO NOT CASH IT!!!!!

Mystery Shopping said...

Not at all! Why is this so prominent now a days? I can't believe people fall for this because it is so scammy it's hard to believe. Mystery shopping jobs don't pay nearly that much!

Jack Angus Braid said...

well i think it's good for you, i don't see it as a scam but another way around
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